CD Digipack A Tribute to (JUDAS) PRIEST (Importado)

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CD Digipack  A Tribute to (JUDAS) PRIEST (Importado) 
Track list:
Annihilator - Hell Bent For Leather 
Primal Fear - Metal Gods 
Skid Row - Delivering The Goods (Live) 
Witchery - Riding On The Wind 
Iced Earth - Screaming For Vengeance 
Siebenbürgen - Jawbreaker 
Hammerfall Breaking The Law 
Benediction - Electric Eye 
Death - Painkiller 
Silent Force - All Guns Blazing 
Steel Prophet - Dreamer Deceiver 
Armoured Saint - Never Satisfied 
Therion - Green Manalishi 
Thunderstone - Diamonds And Rust
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