CD V/A - Voices of the Styx / Comp. com bandas húngaras(Importado)

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CD V/A - Voices of the Styx (Importado)
(Compilação com bandas húngaras lançada em 2005) Importado
Track list
I           Ahriman - Crowcloud
II          Aetherius Obscuritas –  My Hate Is His Spirit
III          Koprofaagia – Fleshland Playground
IV         Fagyhamu – Twilight Of Sullen Hell
V          Gutted  – Dreadful Stories From The Past
VI         Vorkuta – Seeds Of Storm
VII        Funebre  – About The World Of Man
VIII       Hexenwood – Reményerdö
IX         Ravenshades – Obsessed In Pice Of Mine
X          Thy Funeral – Black Spell Of Destruction
XI         Age Of Agony – Winter (I Die With You)
XII        Turulvér – Meotis
XIII       Warkult – War
XIV       Ater Tenebrae – Chanting Of The Catacombs
XV       Gholgoth –        Engrams Of Sin
XVI       Bloodrainbow – Flight Of Icarus
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